Horde Prison Ship

The Horde Prison Ship is a vehicle from the 1985-1987 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Horde Prison Ship was a large freighter with an enclosed cockpit that was used to transport prisoners to Beast Island.

Horde Prison Ship - freighter mode

Freighter mode

The ship was deceptive in nature. All of its weapons could be hidden beneath panels and sliding doors to make the ship look like an unarmed freighter, or as Swift Wind once described it, "an old rust bucket."

Apart from several prison cells with bars in the main hold, the Horde Prison Ship came equipped with a specially reinforced section to hold stronger-than-average prisoners such as She-Ra and Swift Wind. When the pair of them was captured by Catra and Grizzlor by short circuiting all electrical power on the ship's deck, Swift Wind was chained to the wall with a collar around his neck, and She-Ra was suspended in in a force field that came from an energy projector in the ceiling.


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