Horde Rocket

The Horde Rocket is an Evil Horde vehicle from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Horde Rocket was a space vehicle used by the Evil Horde to travel between Etheria and Horde World.

When Hordak captured Orko but couldn't figure out exactly what he was, Shadow Weaver suggested that the little wizard be sent to Horde World where Horde Prime would enjoy experimenting on him.

Orko was put in a bottle-like prison and two Horde Troopers with space helmets piloted the Horde Rocket. As it was about to be launched from the Space Port within the Fright Zone, He-Man and She-Ra arrived on the scene to rescue Orko.

The Horde Rocket lifted off, but She-Ra gave her brother a leg up, so he was able to catapult onto the rocket and hitch a ride. Now he had to get inside and rescue Orko before the air became too thin for him to breathe in. He-Man managed to change the direction of the rocket, defeat its pilots and free Orko. The rocket headed right back for the Space Port from whence it came. Orko was able to float out of the ship, but He-Man ended up falling back to the Fright Zone without a parachute. She-Ra picked up a nearby Hay Transport and threw it to where He-Man was about to land, cushioning his fall.


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