Horror Hall is a location from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Horror Hall is a structure on the planet Etheria that served as a home for Shadow Weaver. It was located at the top of the Nameless Volcano and could not be entered without facing the two-headed dragon Nightfire.

It was said that within its chambers she was at her most powerful. Inside the building resided a number of soldiers from the Evil Horde to serve her. Within the Hall, she could cast spells such as summon hordes of Shadow Beasties to attack the Great Rebellion.

However, her latest onslaught was thwarted by the intervention of Man-At-Arms and Orko when they made use of a energy shield technology given to help their Etherian allies. An enraged Shadow Weaver later appeared at the battle at Thaymor Village where after being insulted by Orko she decided to steal the Trollans shadow. She took the shadow to Horror Hall in order to take the power inherent within it for herself. As a result, She-Ra and her allies stormed Horror Hall where they defeated the Horde and reclaimed Orko's shadow whereupon they escaped.


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