Hunga the Harpy is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power and The Secret of the Sword.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Hunga is the leader of the Harpies who reside on Talon Mountain and a sworn enemy of Queen Angella of Castle Bright Moon. Although they were not part of the Evil Horde, they were aligned to their cause. When the Horde conquered Castle Bright Moon after Queen Angella disappeared during the battle, it later turned out that she was being held captive by Hunga. It remains unclear if the Harpies were involved in the kidnapping and the battle or if Angella was a gift to Hunga from Hordak.

Hunga treated Angella as her slave, keeping her chained up while a collar around Angella's neck prevented her from using her magic. Hunga enjoyed peeling fruit and throwing the peels at Angella. When Hunga was alerted that He-Man and She-Ra were headed towards Talon Mountain, flying on the back of Swift Wind, she ordered her sister and second in command Gayla to gather up the rest of their Harpy sisters and attack the two heroes.

He-Man and She-Ra managed to outfly the Harpies and made them crash into each other. When they arrived in Hunga's throne room, they found Angella only lying on the ground. But "Angella" was actually Hunga in disguise. Hunga used her magic scepter to trap the rescuers in stalagmites, but the heroes escaped easily and deflected Hunga's next rays with their swords. After freeing the real Angella and breaking her collar, the heroes left Hunga tied up and hanging in her own quarters.


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