Ice Hacker

An Ice Hacker is a creature found in the Ice Mountains, which are located between Eternos and Darksmoke.

In Dragon's Gift, He-Man and Teela face a crew of Trolls and an Ice Hacker on the way to Granamyr's lair. While Teela and Battle Cat deal with the Trolls, He-Man defeats the Ice Hacker, which howls and runs off.

Filmation Ice Hacker

In the Filmation episode "The Dragon's Gift" (the animated version of the minicomic), He-Man and Teela find three Ice Hackers under similar circumstances. The Ice Hackers are not accompanied by Trolls in the animated version, though two Ice Trolls also try to stop the travelers from reaching Darksmoke.


The Snow Beast that appears in He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special strongly resembles an Ice Hacker, but is even larger and has freezing breath.

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