The third Icons of Evil special tells how did Tri-Klops come to Keldor's service.


An inventor is ambushed by bandits, when a swordsman with a bandana covering his eyes kills the bandits, but is blinded by a spell by one of them. The inventor recognises the blinding spell and tells him he has something that can seal the spell before it extends.

Years later, Keldor wants the inventor's technology for himself. He attacks the inventor's tower accompanied by Beast Man and an army. While his army faces robots outside, Keldor enters the tower and reaches the inventor, but he's protected by the blind swordsman, who now wears a helmet that keeps the spell sealed.

Keldor and the swordsman fight until the inventor opens a trapdoor, they both fall and continue their battle underground until Keldor knocks the Swordsman's helmet away. The swordsman gets desperate, but Keldor tells him that a spell like that is temporary and would have dissipated in days in case of not being sealed, so the inventor tricked him. Keldor eliminates the spell so the swordsman can see, just barely. Keldor uses his magic to return upside and the swordsman kills the inventor.

Months later, the swordsman gets a new helmet and is renamed Tri-Klops. The helmet has three rotating eyes that give him infrared vision, Gammavision and optic energy blasts, among other abilities. Tri-Klops is grateful to Keldor.

In private, Keldor explains the truth to Beast Man: the spell would have extended to all of Tri-Klops' senses if not for the inventor sealing it and Keldor later eliminating it. Besides, the helmet with three eyes had already been designed by the inventor to keep the spell sealed an allow Tri-Klops to see. At the end, the real responsible of his new sight is the man he betrayed, but not knowing this, he will unquestionably serve Keldor.

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