Little is known about the blue-skinned warrior named Illumina. It is said that she is a descendant of the Gar refugees that came to Eternia after the destruction of Infinitia and that she was a member of the Guardians of Grayskull, a secret sect devoted to the preservation of Castle Grayskull's secrets throughout time.

When the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and Man-At-Arms created the Mystic Wall to separate Eternia's Light and Dark hemispheres, Illumina was trapped on the dark side. Fortunately, in addition to being a great strategist and possessing formidable fighting skills (especially with melee weapons), she has the power to control light and can even blind her opponents when her other skills are not enough. Prior to being caught on the Dark Hemisphere, she assisted Dekker training the young warrior Duncan who would become Man-At-Arms.

Although a heroic force, she has been called very cold blooded. A common misconception that her female mount is a descendant of the Battle Cats of old, but in fact she is an entirely different species genetically closer to the blood-thirsty Panthor


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