The Isle of Tears is a location on the planet Eternia. It is featured in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Isle of Tears had two known rulers during its introduction in the episode The Defection. The first was Gorgon who was the unlawful ruler of the Island and was the main cause of its misery during his reign. The true ruler was King Danton, who was held prisoner by Gorgon. The key element behind Gorgon's power was his sorceress Sibyline who at his command, destroyed nearly everything that was good and beautiful on the island.

After defecting to King Danton, Sibyline sought help from King Randor and He-Man. With Teela and Orko's aid, Sibyline was able to defeat Gorgon and restore Danton to his throne.

Although the island was never mentioned or featured again, it is likely that King Danton resumed a peaceful reign of his domain, with Sibyline as his newest ally.

Notable residents

  • Gorgon - a diminutive demon and former usurper of the Isle of Tears.
  • King Danton - true ruler of the Isle of Tears. Restored to power after the fall of Gorgon.
  • Sibyline - sorceress and former ally of Gorgon. Now ally of King Danton.

Episodes featured in

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