Jarine is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Jarine was a young girl of about eight years of age who lived in ancient Brigis Village. When the Brigis Village Chief promised to guard a box of magic power for a Good Witch, the entire village, including all of its inhabitants, became immortal, moving through time at such a slow pace that they were invisible to their surroundings.

The village would reappear for only one day each five hundred years. However, if any member of the village would ever leave, the spell would be broken and the village would be doomed. Having learned about the Brigis legend, Hordak ordered his men to take a villager from Brigis on the day it reappeared, causing the village to be doomed and giving him time to search out the magic box and take it for himself. Several members of the Evil Horde tried to persuade young Jarine, who ventured out of the village to pick flowers, and Shadow Weaver eventually managed to kidnap the girl using her dark magic.

Luckily for Jarine and her fellow villagers, She-Ra managed to free her from the Fright Zone and return her to Brigis before the day was through.


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