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Jarvan is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Jarvan was an evil sorcerer who had previously been defeated by He-Man and sent away to the prison mines by He-Man and King Randor. However, Jarvan later escaped and returned to Eternia to seek vengeance.

Jarvan decided to use Teela's shy friend, Ileena, as a pawn in his scheme; disguised as an old woman, Jarvan supplied Ileena with a dangerous, highly-addictive drug, as well as a ring with which to summon him. Jarvan used Ileena to get his hands on her father's new invention, the Transmutator, which he used against He-Man, and then used it to shrink the Royal Palace, but He-Man's great strength helped him to resist the Transmutator's power, causing it to explode, leaving Jarvan stunned.

Using the ring, Ileena summons Jarvan to the Palace. Jarvan manages to subdue He-Man and tries to flee, but Ileena runs after him and jumps on his shoulders, delaying him long enough for He-Man to break free. Jarvan manages to toss Ileena off, but he trips and falls to the floor in the process and is captured by He-Man. Although Jarvan swears revenge, he is sent back to the prison mines, never to return.



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