Journey to Mizar is a Princess of Power minicomic that was published in 1985.

Plot Summary

She-Ra saves a flying woman who introduces herself as Angella, the queen of the Kingdom of Mizar, from crashing. This kingdom is being attacked by Catra's cats and She-Ra agrees to help. Catra sends demon birds to stop the heroine, so She-Ra decides to avoid them by continuing the journey by foot. She meets some ethereal being who tells her she needs the map of lights which is being guarded by a dragon. She-Ra insults this (female) dragon until the map is handed over to her. Escaping the forest, the cliffs of death and several more obstacles with sound names, she finally meets Catra who snatches the map from her. She-Ra ignores this and continues her journey towards Mizar. There, she catches the two (!) attacking cats with a magical net and then turns them to stone with her sword. Mizar has been saved and She-Ra has gained a friend.

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