Azrog & Big Karg

Karg is a creature that appears in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Karg is a pink, horned, dragon-like creature that belongs to Azrog and serves as his pet and/or familiar. While he is usually small enough to perch on his master's shoulder, he can grow large enough for Azrog to use him as a mount. It is implied that he can grow by either his own will or a telepathic command from his master.

Karg accompanied his master to Eternia when he escaped from Montork's prison. They wound up at the Royal Palace, which Azrog escaped by enlarging Karg and flying through a wall. Their next stop was the witch Spydra's castle, to which they were followed by He-Man, Orko, and Teela. Montork protected them from Karg's attack with a magic bubble, but Spydra commanded Karg to attack again when He-Man and Teela broke through her castle's front gate. He snatched Teela up in his claws, but He-Man used his grappling hook to drag Karg onto the castle ramparts. Karg shrank back to his original size, and He-Man stuffed him into a bag. When he started to grow again, Montork used a spell to keep him small. The bag exploded to reveal a tiny Karg, who flew away and was not seen again.


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