Keeber is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Keeber was 12 years old in the Etherian year 2993 when his father Peck was arrested by the Evil Horde because his cart splashed mud on a trooper. Hordak sentensed Peck to twenty years imprisonment, which, according to him, was a merciful sentence.

Thinking he would never see his father again, Keeber grew up recenting the Horde occupation and six years later, at the age of eigthteen, eagerly joined the Great Rebellion and took up residence in the Whispering Woods

When new Horde Grabbers managed to capture robots on the poor unsuspecting prisoner. Peck was captured and returned to his cel, where he was joined shortly afterwards by captured Rebel leaders Bow and Glimmer, Adora decided to let herself be captured as well and left Keeber in charge of the Rebel Camp.

Later, the Rebels returned to the Woods, together with a prisoner they helped escape from the Fright Zone. Although the escapees were all in a happy mood, Keeber was still angry at Horak and wished he could get his hands on him. Adora asked Keeber to explain why he had such strong feelings against the Horde at such a young age, and Keeber told them about his missing father. What Keeber did not realize, was that his father was sitting right next to him on the same log at the Rebel fireplace, for it was Peck whom the Rebels had just helped to escape from the Fright Zone Dungeons.

Finally, father and son could share a happy reunion.


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