The Keeper is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


The Keeper was the owner of a menagerie of strange and unusual creatures, which he kept aboard a massive flying ship. He captured Cambro and Orko to add them to his menagerie, but they managed to escape from their cage and reprogram his ship's intercom while the Keeper traveled to Avion to capture Stratos. When He-Man showed up to help Stratos and answer Orko's distress call, the Keeper bound him with titanium bands, but he easily broke free and released all of the creatures on the ship. The Keeper cowered as the angry creatures confronted him, but Cambro talked them down, warning them not to spoil their freedom with hatred.

The Keeper showed great disdain for the intelligence of the creatures in his menagerie, insulting them and treating them like dumb animals. What happened to him after his captured creatures were released is unknown.



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