King Danton is a minor character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


King Danton was a kind and noble ruler of the autonomous kingdom situated in the Isle of Tears. It is not known when he was overthrown however, other than the confirmed fact that his overthrow was caused by Gorgon and the sorceress called Sibyline.

Danton is first seen as a prisoner of Gorgon, having spent an unknown duration of time in the dungeons as his clothes were ragged. After regretting her actions that led to Danton's overthrow, Sibyline refuses to continue supporting Gorgon and thus willingly accepts her fate in the dungeons. There she meets Danton, apologizing her past misdeeds and vows to help restore him to power. Danton suggests that if she truly is sincere about her change of heart, to seek help from King Randor and He-Man.

After a successful entreaty, Sibyline's wish for help for King Danton is granted by Randor and she returns to the island with He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Teela and a skeptical Orko. With their help, Sibyline frees Danton and defeats Gorgon's forces including Evil-Lyn.

In the closing moments of the adventure, Danton is seen with He-Man holding the captured Gorgon in both their hands. Danton is last seen holding court, declaring the news of Gorgon having been brought to justice for his crimes. He makes a play on words stating that the "Isle of Tears now sheds only tears of joy". The King officially pardons Sibyline for her past misdeeds and welcomes her to join in the bright new future of the kingdom.

Danton and the Isle of Tears are not seen or mentioned again from this point forward.


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