King Helios is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Created by Eldor from the fires of Mount Chrona, King Helios is the eons-old king of the Fire People. He and his followers guard the Spellstone, one of the last remaining talismans of He-Ro, which is hidden in the Region of Flame.

He is very judgmental and quick-tempered, as proven when he blamed He-Man for stealing the Spellstone. When his life was threatened by a Spidasaur, He-Man saved him, but Helios showed little emotion upon being rescued. Nevertheless, he was fully convinced of He-Man's goodness thereafter and allowed him and the other Masters to depart in peace to recover the Spellstone.

Like all the Fire People on Eternia, Helios is made entirely of fire. As ruler of the elemental Fire People in the Region of Flame, he knows many ancient secrets of Eternia's mysterious past.


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