King Jarod is a historical character that was first mentioned in the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power. He was originally described as the first ruler of Etheria, but his legend has spread to include being one of the founding fathers of its sister planet Eternia as well.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

On Etheria, young and old were familiar with the many tales and legends about King Jarod. Even Spirit the horse and Imp the Evil Horde spy could not pass up a chance to listen to the stories of King Jarod.

According to the self-proclaimed storyteller extraordinaire named Bow, Jarod traveled the planet Etheria as a young prince and listened to the secrets of the Whispering Woods. From them, he learned both wisdom and magic. The good prince taught the Singing River how to sing and was the first to hear the Growling Sea roar during a storm. He was also Etheria's first marksman with a bow.

King Jarod gave his people a thirst for knowledge and left a very special gift for anyone brave enough to find it: the fabulous Crown of Knowledge, hidden deep inside his castle in the kingdom of Darkedge. The crown was supposed to give the one who braves the tests the wears it power of absolute wisdom.

The castle itself was protected by a series of tests:

  • The first was a voice in the wind that asked riddles.
  • The castle then tested one against their greatest fears.
  • Apart from the tests, the castle possessed various trap doors, as well as other non-magical obstacles.

Eternian Legacy

In addition to being a legend on Etheria, Jarod's fame also spread to its sister planet of Eternia, where he is known as the founder of the planetary government of Eternia. In Preternian history, he was the leader of the Snake Clan and son of Zilora. In Preternia, Jarod helped to nominally unify his planet under a single world regime, and his descendants King Grayskull and King Randor, among others, would continue to rule Eternia as monarchs.


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