King Miro is the father of King Randor and the grandfather of Prince Adam and Princess Adora.

In the Filmation animated series, Miro ruled as the king of Eternia until he mysteriously disappeared, forcing Randor to take up the crown. Decades later, Miro was found and rescued, but he declined to resume his royal duties so he could learn about how the world had changed in his absence. Miro is still recognized as king, although Randor remains the sole head of the monarchy.

Because the 2002 animated series presented Randor as a common man who is named king by the Council of Elders, Miro was never king in this version of continuity. Instead a character appears named Captain Miro, implied to be the same person.

The Masters of the Universe Classics toy line presents Miro as king and leader of the "House of Miro," with Keldor and Randor as his sons. Hence, Miro is also the father of Skeletor.


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

She-Ra, Princess of Power

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