King Miro's Journey is the 13th episode of She-Ra: Princess of Power.

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Loo-Kee: "Hi! Did you find where I was hiding today? If not, take another look. See me here? Here I am! Today's story was about a family, people working together as a team. I hope you do your part for your family. It's the most important team in your life. Bye now! See you next time!"

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Great Rebellion

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Horde World


  • The Tour guide recounts King Miro's rescue by He-Man and Randor from the Enchantress as seen in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode Search for the Past.
  • Loo-Kee is seen hiding in the Royal Courtyard on Eternia instead of somewhere on Etheria.
  • All the former Eternian Kings seen as portraits in the Hall of Kings wear the same crown as King Randor, indicating it to be a royal heirloom. An exception is King Miro, who is never seen wearing a crown in his two appearances and so does not wear one in his portrait.
  • Several characters mention that the Horde Inspector is being send 'from Horde Prime', which would make it appear as if Horde Prime is a location rather than a person.

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