Kittrina is a very beautiful female character that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


She is noted as being a member of the mysterious Cat Folk of Eternia and a trusted agent of their leader King Paw. King Paw was noted to not be pleased with her habit of sneaking up on him though she expressed that meeting him the old fashioned way was boring. When explorers from Eternos took the Grimalkin statue from the Temple of the Cat, King Paw summoned Kittrina to retrieve the artifact before the creature was released from its prison. Journeying to the Royal Palace, Kittrina snuck in and managed to get the statue but was stopped by Teela where she admired her opponent for being almost as agile as herself. Whilst the two battled, Webstor emerged and ambushed Kittrina before managing to escape with the statue. Taken prisoner, Kittrina was brought before King Randor where she expressed her anger at his people stealing the statue and the danger posed by the Grimalkin. She later began pacing back and forth relentlessly despite Teela's assurances that they were looking for the thief though Kittrina explained that she did not like waiting as she was not the patient type.

When He-Man reported that Webstor was heading to Snake Mountain, Kittrina decided not to wait anymore and go to Skeletor's stronghold to retrieve the statue. Teela decided to accompany her on the mission with the two travelling on a Wind Raider to Snake Mountain. Their ship later crashed by the mountain when it was shot down by a nullifier ray which led to Teela getting knocked out. Unable to pilot the craft, Kittrina used her whip to save herself and Teela from the crash. Deciding to do the mission on her own, Kittrina encountered Battle Cat and accompanied him to aid He-Man. Once inside the mountain, she sent Battle Cat to rescue He-Man whilst she defeated Webstor. However, she was too late to stop Skeletor from freeing the Grimalkin demon. She later explained to He-Man that according to her peoples legends, only the power of the storm was able to bind it. This led to He-Man causing a storm whilst Battle Cat and Kittrina distracted the beast. He-Man was ultimately able to channel the power of the storm to return the Grimalkin to its statue-like prison.

Afterwards, Kittrina seemed receptive to continued relations between the Cat Folk and Humans. As she was returning, she said that she would return in order to meet Battle Cat as she had grown somewhat infatuated with him.


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