Korac was once the Mayor of Gorn City, and his underhanded ways were one of the reasons why there was no law in the city. Having lost the most recent election for Mayor, Korac began working with Skeletor and the Mutants. He was first encountered by Flipshot when the Galactic Guardian was made Sheriff of Gorn City. Under Skeletor’s orders, Korac first secretly helped Flipshot, but then created a situation in which the most fearsome criminals in the city, the Ugly Bunch, would face off against the Galactic Guardians and He-Man.

When he was next seen, Korac had gone into business for himself, and offered Skeletor a piece of technology he had acquired, a device that would increase the Mutants' intelligence. Despite Korac wanting something in return, Skeletor simply took the machine from him by force.

Some time later, working once again with Skeletor, Korac helped to fool a group of criminals into attacking Primus for the Mutants. He also served as Skeletor’s messenger to a group of android Bounty Hunters trying to take the Galactic Guardian back to a being known as The Great One.


The New Adventures of He-Man (cartoon)

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