Kothos is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Kothos is an obese, lazy braggart of a wizard who travels around Eternia in a floating palace. When he tried to steal the waters of the Fountain of Life, the wizard Mallek called on He-Man and Teela to help protect it. Skeletor, who also wanted the fountain's waters, sent Evil-Lyn and Clawful to steal them, but Teela and Evil-Lyn wound up being carried away with the temple that housed the fountain when Kothos levitated it into the air. He stole Evil-Lyn's powers with his magic gem, then teleported the two of them into the desert and left them there to die. Working together, they made their way through the desert and into his palace, where Evil-Lyn stole his gem and regained her powers. They were soon joined by Mallek, He-Man, Battle Cat, Man-At-Arms, and Orko, but Kothos teleported to the temple to drink the fountain's waters while they were busy fighting his orks. Evil-Lyn followed him, and transformed Kothos into a sand slug by turning one of his spells against him.

Kothos did not forget the humiliation he suffered at Evil-Lyn's hands. After persuading Orko to transform him back into a human, he managed to capture He-Man, who he planned to turn over to Skeletor in exchange for Evil-Lyn. Kothos used a magical helmet to sap He-Man's strength, but Evil-Lyn used her magic to remove the helmet and free He-Man's friends from stasis as Kothos took her away. After dealing with Skeletor, He-Man and Teela used Sky-Sleds to fly to Kothos' palace while Orko flew after them. They survived Kothos' magical storm and escaped from one of his traps, but He-Man was unable to catch Kothos and convince him that getting revenge wasn't worth the trouble. Meanwhile, Teela and Orko released Evil-Lyn, who caused the control system of Kothos' palace to malfunction. He-Man agreed to save the palace if Kothos renounced his evil ways and forgot about revenge, to which he eagerly agreed. Once the palace was safe and its control system had been fixed, Kothos thanked He-Man for his help and announced his plans to travel around Eternia providing rain to farmers who needed it for their crops.


  • Kothos' character model underwent some color changes after his first appearance. While the color of his turban did not change, his skin color became lighter, his tunic and breeches changed from light blue and dark blue to red and white, and his sash changed from red to black.



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