Critis Bird

Krytis Birds are pterodactyl like flying beasts that live on the planet Krytis, specifically on the island of Mondor.

One of the giant birds attacked a band of Rebels who had travelled to Mondor on a rescue mission. Grabbing Glimmer in one large talon, the bird flew off with it's colorful prize. But She-Ra took a giant leap and landed on the bird's neck, causing it to spin and loose it's grip on Glimmer. The bird had to make a crashlanding and while the two human women made it without a scratch, the giang avian hurt a wing. Of course She-Ra could not leave the bird like that and helped it by using her healing powers on it's wing.

This good deed was rewarded later that night when the Bird returned, accompanied by several others, to help defeat the Evil Horde at the Mines of Mondor and to fly back the Rebels and the person they came to rescue, Prince Hazar back to the Dimensional Gate near Graydor before the gate closed.


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