Lady Edwina is a niece of King Randor, and as such is a member of Eternia's royal family. Her exact relationship to Randor and his other nieces and nephews has not been established, though she is presumably the granddaughter of King Miro. Based on dialogue in her sole appearance, "Creatures from the Tar Swamp," she is several years older than her cousin Prince Adam.

Compared to other members of the royal family, Edwina is remarkably callous, egocentric, and self-important, considering common-born citizens beneath her notice. She visits the Royal Palace infrequently, and is largely unaware of (and indifferent to) the events that have transpired there.

Upon her arrival at the Palace, Edwina promptly manages to offend Man-At-Arms and Teela by referring to them as "the help". Man-At-Arms grabs Teela's wrist to keep his daughter from attacking the arrogant Edwina. Later, when Skeletor and his minions take over the Palace, Edwina is locked in the dungeon with Randor and Queen Marlena...and with Orko. Edwina's true nature is shown before her aunt and uncle, when Edwina tells Orko she wants out of the dungeon. After seeing what Orko's magic medallion can do, she attempts to manipulate Orko into going away with her. But Orko, who has been smitten with her for most of the episode, realizes that Edwina herself will go away with his amulet at the first chance she gets. She is later banished from the kingdom by her uncle Randor indefinitely, until and unless she mends her shamefully rude and selfish ways.


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