Lady Valtira is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Lady Valtira and her companion Lord Tyrin are a noble couple who used evil magic to drain the life energy from the trees in the forest. Two hundred years ago, when there were no trees left around their castle to sustain them, they fell into a deep slumber so that the trees could regrow and the rest of the world would forget about their wicked deeds.

The two nobles awakened from their slumber when Prince Adam and Teela ran across their castle. Adam encountered Lady Valtira when he fell off the back of a pegasus. She froze him in place with a spell and planned to enslave him, but unfroze him when Lord Tyrin's mechanical spider tried to capture both her and Sago. Adam turned into He-Man and rescued them from Tyrin (who Valtira no longer recognized), and she showed him a secret entrance to the castle. She was attacked by a giant snake after using her magic to remove the overgrown plants from the castle, but He-Man came to her rescue once again. Soon after, she found and confronted Tyrin, who told her that he had been warped by channeling the power to rebuild their kingdom. She begged his forgiveness and told him that they needed friends rather than slaves, but Tyrin was still angry at He-Man and absorbed the energy from a vine that was holding the castle together. The two nobles fled from the collapsing castle with He-Man and Teela, but Tyrin ran back inside and saved Sago with He-Man's help. Tyrin was remorseful and renounced his power when he thought that He-Man had been buried alive, and Valtira did the same. Smashing their amulets restored their youth, and they bade their new friends Adam and Teela farewell as they rode away on pegasi.


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