Larg is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Larg was an eight foot tall pilot from the planet Argon. his Argonian Spaceship was shot down by Batmeks while peacefully passing by the planet Etheria. The ship crash landed in a field nearby the village of Phlax. Convinced that all Etherians were members of the Evil Horde, Larg forced two local villagers to help him transport the damaged ship to a large barn and repair it. For he knew that it's power cell would explode if not handled properly.

Meanwhile Hordak was after the power cell as well, as this was the reason he had ordered the ship to be shot down. With the might of his Horde army he rode into Phlax and took the power cell, using it to create a force field around the Fright Zone. But as Larg has predicted, the Argon power cell grew unstable and exploded, making it impossible to charge up Larg's ship again. However, She-Ra and the Great Rebellion managed to contact Larg's people on the planet Argon so they could come pick him up.


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