Laughing Swann

The Laughing Swann Inn is a location that features in She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


The Laughing Swann Inn in the village of Thaymor was visited by Prince Adam and Cringer during their first visit to Etheria. They entered the Inn to get some lunch. Garv the Innkeeper seemed surprised that Cringer could talk, even though another talking animal, Kowl was already present in the Inn. The visitors were witnesses when three Horde Troopers began bullying the local Bard. Adam stood up for the bard, and was soon joined by Bow. Needles to say this ruckus did some damage to the Inn, but nodoby seemed to mind much, being too surprised that anyone would stand up to members of the Evil Horde. After defeating the troopers, Bow asked Adam to join the Great Rebellion.


  • In the episode Duel at Devlan, the exact same backgrounds from Into Etheria that were used for Thaymor village are repurpossed as the village of Devlan. This includes reusing background of the Laughing Swan Inn's exterior and interior. Even the same Bard can be spotted inside the Inn. The only difference is that the Devlan Inn was run by Darius instead of Garv.
  • The Inn is once again seen in the background in an unidentified village featured in the episode Play It Again, Bow. This village could be Thaymor, Devlan or yet another village. This might indicate that the Laughing Swann is a brand name with several inns using the same logo.


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