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Leon is a young kid who appears in the minicomic Double-Edged Sword.

He and his grandfather Consul Ari travel from the Golden Islands with a message to King Randor, and it's that they found about Skeletor planning to invade the Royal Palace. He-Man saves Leon from a man-eating plant and drives them to the palace, where Leon asks to become a palace guard. Teela tells him that he has to start as an apprentice, and He-Man warns him that being a guard requires not only muscles, but also brains.

When Leon tries to help against the Evil Warriors, he's captured by Beast Man. He-Man stops the battle to save Leon, but then Skeletor traps both He-Man and Leon in a magically sealed pit.

Skeletor calls more vine monsters that surround the palace. He-Man tries to break the magic seal but he cannot do it alone, so Ram-Man helps him from the other side. When both hit the magic seal at the same time, it breaks. He-Man chops the vine monsters down and the Evil Warriors escape. Leon learns that everyone, even He-Man, needs help from his friends sometimes.

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