Lodar is the main villain of the minicomic Slave City!. He took the city of Targa with his army of Kobolds and enslaved the population. When the Kobolds captured an amnesiac He-Man, he made him fight Garn, another prisoner, in the arena, the victor being set free. He-Man recovers his memory and wins, but he refuses to kill his competitor. Instead, he attacks Lodar and wins. The Kobolds flee at the sight of their master losing. Afterwards, Lodar and the Kobolds are banished underground, where Lodar will no longer be able to use magic without the sun and the moon, from which he draws his power.


  • Lodar was going to be named "Zodak". By the time the author of Slave City! discovered that there was already a character named "Zodac" (sometimes spelled with a "K"), the comic had already gone to print, so it had to be altered - changing Z to L and K to R, to rename the character "Lodar".

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