Magic Knight is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Magic Knights were conjured up out of the evil flames lit inside castle Mystacor from which the sorceress Mortella drew her power. With the help of her flames and her knights, Mortella defeated the rightful ruler of the realm, Castaspella and banished her to the Dark Forest Mortella still needed Castaspella to gather magical powders and herbs for her, and therefore she had he Magic Knights patrol the forest, which like all of Mystacor grew even darker and more foreboding than before under Mortella's reign.

A few years into Mortella's reign, her Magic Knights captured Bow and Adora. Mortella needed new slaves and ordered the two Rebels to make sure her magic fire never burned low. Thankfully, Bow and Adora had helped the elderly and frail looking Castaspella on their way through the Dark Forest, and she took it upon herself to free them. When She-Ra appeared and easily began to defeat Mortella's Knights, who disappeared into thin air upon being vanquished.


  • Castelo Enchanted


As armaduras de alguns dos Cavaleiros Mágicos tem uma certa semelhança com a do Cavaleiro Vermelho.

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