Majestra is a character from the original animated series, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

Majestra appeared without warning at the Eternian royal palace, where she offered to display her magic for the entertainment of the royal family. She proved extremely skilled, arousing the jealousy of Orko but impressing her target audience. Inviting King Randor to aid her with her next trick, the sorceress bade him step into a cabinet she called the Cabinet of Wonders, in which she made him disappear and then reappear.

In reality, Majestra proved to be the magical disguise of the witch Evil-Lyn, who had recently acquired the powerful Shaping Staff. Her innocent 'trick' was merely a ruse to replace Randor with a disguised Beast Man. Soon after, Orko revealed her true identity to He-Man, and Evil-Lyn gladly dropped the pretense.

Episode Appearances

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