Marcus is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Marcus the Bakers son' assisted his father as he baked and sold his ware. But Marcus wanted to be a powerful knight or a king, like the heroes in his favorite stories. He was especially obessed with the legend of King Jarod and the Crown of Knowledge. Part of it was so that his father wouldn't have to work anymore, but also because Marcus craved power for himself.

During the Thaymor Harvest Festival, Bow was telling about the legend of the Crown, and Kowl added that he was almost certain he knew the correct location where the crown could be found: the castle at Darkedge. Marcus quickly hatched a plan to kidnap Kowl and force him to show him the way by causing a distraction in the form of a loose Cowatch.

After getting a scolding from Cowl along the way, Marcus decided to free the bird from the rope that bound him to the boy's arm. But Kowl was interested in the legend of the Crown himself, so the two of them decided to go on. After answering a riddle at the castle entrance, Marcus led the way into Castle Jarod. Unknown to them, they were being watched by Hordak and Shadow Weaver from the Fright Zone, as Hordak planned to let the boy do all the hard work and then take the price from him.

Shadow Weaver sent the Cape of Night and the Gem of Sight into the castle, the former to make the wearer do Hordak's bidding and the latter as a means to spy on their progress. As expected, Marcus took the bait and put on the cape, fastened by the gem, immediately.

Marcus and Kowl found the chamber in which the Crown was kept, but the floor started to crumble beneath their feet. At that point, the Cape levitated Marcus further towards it's goal, but the Crown knew the cape was being controlled by Hordak and rejected the Horde as it was a spirit of freedom for Etheria.

With a daring leap, Marcus' life was saved by She-Ra, who, together with Bow and Marcus' father, had ventured into the Castle to find him. With this act, She-Ra earned the right to wear the crown, but was too humble to take it. Marcus meanwhile learned wisdom of his own, and vowed to become the best baker he could be, next to his father, instead of a hero.


The Crown of Knowledge

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