The original Masters of the Universe line saw the release of several tie-in books aimed at children.

Golden Books

  • A Hero in Need
  • Caverns of Fear
  • Dangerous Games
  • Demons of the Deep
  • He-Man Smells Trouble
  • I Have the Power
  • Maze of Doom Golden
  • New Champions of Eternia
  • Mask of Evil
  • Meteor Monsters
  • Power From the Sky
  • Secret of the Dragon's Egg
  • Skeletor's Flower of Power
  • Teela's Secret
  • The Horde
  • The Magic Mirrors
  • The Rock Warriors
  • The River of Ruin
  • The Sunbird Legacy
  • The Sword of Skeletor
  • The Thief of Castle Grayskull
  • The Trap
  • Time Trouble

Kid Stuff

  • Battle Under Snake Mountain
  • Castle Grayskull
  • Caverns of Fear
  • He-Man and Battle Cat
  • Prisoner in the Slime Pit
  • The Revenge of Skeletor
  • The Secret of the Sword Part I: The Sword of She-Ra
  • The Secret of the Sword Part II: The Princess of Power
  • The Thief of Castle Grayskull


  • A Trap for He-Man
  • Castle Grayskull under Attack!
  • He-Man Action Frieze
  • He-Man and Masters of the Universe
  • He-Man and the Asteroid of Doom
  • He-Man and the Lost Dragon
  • He-Man and the Memory Stone
  • He-Man Meets the Beast
  • Skeletor's Ice Attack
  • The Iron Master
  • Wings of Doom



  • Masters of the Universe Storybook

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