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The original series of Masters of the Universe action figures came packaged with a selection of small-size comics, spotlighting a number of characters (not necessarily the ones they were sold with) in short adventures. The minicomics were notable for a continuity slightly distinct from the later animated storyline, as they were produced earlier. Later comics were brought more in line with the 'primary' continuity.

Series One

Four minicomics were packaged with the initial wave of toys in 1982, written by Donald F. Glut and illustrated by Alfredo Alcala.

Series Two

Seven minicomics were packaged with the second wave of toys in 1983. Each of these was produced by DC Comics, written by Gary Cohn and illustrated by Mark Texeira and Tod Smith.

Series Three

Nine minicomics were packaged with the third wave of toys in 1984.

Series Four

Ten minicomics were packaged with the fourth wave of toys in 1985.

Series Five

Thirteen minicomics were packaged with the fifth wave of toys in 1986.

Series Six

Six minicomics were packaged with the sixth wave of toys in 1987.

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