Monster on the Mountain is the 120th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

(Ink & Paint DVD booklet description: The Tingler, a giant living on Mount Fear, scares two townspeople, sending the small village of Ruxstown into mass hysteria. King Randor sends Prince Adam and Teela to investigate, where the pair finds a village full of paranoid people. Orko convinces Cringer to go to the water well, where the Tingler was last cited, but Cringer falls, injuring his leg. The Tingler finds Cringer and takes him back to his lair, where he fixes his leg. As Orko and Cringer learn that the Tingler is actually a misunderstood gentle giant, the villagers of Ruxtown start a crazed manhunt!)


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Teela and Orko tell viewers not to exaggerate in anecdotes, as it can lead to wildly inaccurate gossip and difficulty in discerning truth.

Heroic Warriors



  • Tingler (rumoured to be a villain)
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