Monstron was the largest of all Horde Ships and Horde Prime's finest vehicle. According to Hordak, it was the "mightiest ship in nine worlds." Besides its many freeze weapons, it usually carried a squadron of Jet Troopers.

When Horde Prime allowed Hordak to use Monstron, Hordak used it to pursue Kowl when he fled to the Valley of the Lost.

She-Ra and Swift Wind took on the mightiest ship in nine worlds with the help of various Etherian Birds called in for help by She-Ra. She-Ra used her mighty strength to grab Monstron from behind and rock it from side to side, causing various Horde Troopers to fall out of it. She then threw the mighty Horde ship into an active volcano in the Valley of the Lost, plugging it. Now Hordak had to find away to tell Horde Prime that Monstron was out of commission.


  • Monstron looks identical to the Velvet Glove. If this story takes places chronologically before Horde Prime Takes a Holiday, Monstron could be considered the lost sister ship to the Glove mentioned in that episode.
  • Unlike the Horde Flyer and the Horde Crawler, two of the many vehicles that have Hordak's facial features on the front, Monstron is adorned with a different face, similar to that of Hordak but more in the style of the Horde symbol. It is possible that these features more closely resemble those of Horde Prime rather than Hordak.


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