The Moon Mirror is an artifact from She-Ra: Princess of Power by Filmation.


This magical enchanted mirror resided on the planet Etheria where it was one of the many items in the possession of the wizard Catillus who protected it due to the dangers posed by its misuse. The Moon Mirror was a magical doorway that was capable of crossing dimensions creating portals to other realms allowing beings to travel between such locations or abduct people from distant worlds. This act could only be done so during the alignment of the two moons of Etheria which happened only once a year. If activated before or after this alignment, it was known that the Moon Mirror was very difficult to control and had the tendency to open portals to any dimension rather than the one desired making it a dangerous threat if mishandled. It was this reason that Catillus kept it hidden at his home even after he retired from being a wizard.

In later years, the Evil Horde learnt of the existence of the Moon Mirror with Hordak dispatching Shadow Weaver, Grizzlor and Horde Troopers to claim the artifact. Though Catillus attempted to stop them, Shadow Weaver managed to incapacitate him whilst she stole the magical mirror. After returning to the Fright Zone, Hordak revealed that he intended to use the Moon Mirror to recapture Force Captain Adora who had joined The Great Rebellion. Shadow Weaver, however, reminded the dread lord that the mirror was incapable of this task as it could only bridge dimensions but Hordak was aware of this and instead desired to capture a hostage namely in the form of Prince Adam of Eternia to force Adora to surrender herself. During the alignment of the moons, Shadow Weaver activated the mirror and captured Adam who was placed in the dungeons whilst a message was sent to the Whispering Woods to Adora to demand her surrender.

Adora, however, transformed into She-Ra and rescued her brother from captivity. At this point, an angry Hordak demanded another prisoner and tasked Shadow Weaver with capturing King Randor. But at this time, the moons were no longer aligned and Shadow Weaver highlighted the danger of activating the enchanted artifact but Hordak would brook no excuses. During this time, Catillus had recruited Bow in order to prevent rhe activation of the Moon Mirror but they were too late as Shadow Weaver's spells accidently opened a portal into the Doom Dimension. This created a vortex which began sucking in anything into the portal and the Moon Mirror began to grow in size as it threatened to destroy all of Etheria. This was only stopped when He-Man and She-Ra threw a large monument of Hordak to plug the portal opened by the Moon Mirror. The act destabilized the mirror which ultimately exploded as a result thus destroying the Moon Mirror and preventing it from causing the destruction of the planet.


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