The Mutant Warrior is a fictional character from the Masters of the Universe toyline and accompanying animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

TV series

Some skeleton monsters who look like the Mutant Warrior appear three times in the 2002 TV series. The first appearance is in the episode "The Courage of Adam", where Tri-Klops creates a giant bone monster to get rid of He-Man. He-Man tricks the monster, leading him into an area of land where the lava is closer to the surface. The monster's weight is too much and the ground collapses, pulling him into the lava.

In "Roboto's Gambit", Tri-Klops creates a new version of the bone monster: a three-foot monster who, when destroyed, reforms into two monsters with that same ability, making them an unstoppable army. Despite that, the monsters are defeated by He-Man with help of the new Heroic Warrior, Roboto.

The third time is in the episode "Out of the Past", where goo-covered monsters created by Skeletor's minion maker, the Mutant Slime Pit, appear. This third version is definitely a Mutant Slime Warrior.

Action figure

It is a skeleton that "explodes" when a button on his chest is pressed. The figure was made in 2003 and came with the Mutant Slime Pit playset.


The Mutant Warrior was the only toy-made character from the 2002 toyline who was not based in a previous character from the 80s version. This changed in 2008, when the King Grayskull figure was shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

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