"Nerbs, power me!"

Negator is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. He fancies himself the future ruler of Eternia and is frequently in search of new resources to achieve his goals, putting him in conflict with He-Man.


Negator first encountered He-Man after watching what Man-At-Arms' new Beam Ray could do. Fascinated by its ability to blast through stone, he asked its inventor to work for him, but Man-At-Arms refused. Negator blew apart a nearby dam to drown him, but He-Man used a piece of a rocky plateau to divert the floodwaters. Negator then masqueraded as a Royal Guard, kidnapped Teela, and offered to release her if Man-At-Arms came to work for him. He-Man, Battle Cat, and Ram Man set out to rescue their friend, and eventually found their way into Negator's desert lair. They managed to find and free Teela, but she and Battle Cat got caught in a stasis trap when they found Man-At-Arms. He-Man and Ram Man went searching for Negator to free them, but became subjects in a game he had created. They overcame every obstacle in his maze and found the exit, but Negator attacked them rather than admitting defeat. He-Man deflected one of his shots and critically damaged his computer. Negator fled as the computer console caught fire and exploded, releasing Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Battle Cat from his trap.

Later, Negator made an unexpected reappearance and tried to absorb the energy of the Sunstone from the Temple of the Sun. Unfortunately for him, Prankster blocked out the sun with rainclouds, causing the Sunstone to absorb Negator's energy instead. He shrank into nothingness, but Man-At-Arms feared that they hadn't seen the last of him.


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