Octavia is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Character information

Octavia is an octopus woman from Octopus Cove. She is the Horde-Commander. She is a sea commander in a sea port in The Sea of Sigh, a small Etherian ocean. When she first confronts She-Ra, Octavia easily captures She-Ra in her tentacles. She also demonstrates, with ease that she can capture a talented fighter like Sea Hawk, when captured by Octavia, Sea Hawk appears to be drained of energy, suggesting that Octavia has abilities similar to Leech, and she can drain energy from her opponents.

Powers and abilities

Octavia's main powers stem from her ability to manipulate the four tentacles on her back with great dexterity. On one occasion she is seen to wield freeze sticks, and on another is able to hold and use a sword in each tentacle at the same time.[1] She may also possibly drain the life force from her opponents.


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