One for All is the 90th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Robert White and directed by Ed Friedman. A band of Space Pirates attack an Eternian village, and Prince Adam must find a way to stop them without his Power Sword.


Space Pirates

A village is besieged by Space Pirates, who quickly raise their flags in the town square. Their leader, Sticky Fingers, "graciously" announces they will "only" take half of the crops. The pirates demand that no one leave the village, but one of the villagers, Rose, makes a daring escape to get help.

Elsewhere, Prince Adam, Teela, Orko, and Cringer are investigating ancient ruins, which Adam believes were built thousands of years ago. Suddenly they see Rose running by, being chased by the pirate Hisser. Teela orders Adam to stay put while she goes to help. However, Adam transforms himself and Cringer into He-Man and Battle Cat. Just as Rose finds herself cornered, the heroes arrive to stop Hisser and save the girl.

Teela and Rose return to the ruins, where the girl explains the situation and Teela assures her that the Heroic Warriors have dealt with Space Pirates before. This time Adam insists that he and Cringer come with Teela, so she orders Orko to go back to the Royal Palace for reinforcements. When the heroes arrive at the village, they quickly get into a pitched battle with the pirates, and Adam find himself separated from his Power Sword. Adam and Teela do their best, but Sticky Fingers subdues them by shooting tar from his fingers. As the heroes are taken to a jail cell, Rose and her father Harro resolve to help their friends escape.

After fifteen minutes in their cell, Cringer is going stir-crazy, and Adam despairs of ever recovering his sword. However, Rose manages to distract the guard long enough for Harro to show the prisoners an escape tunnel. They all regroup at a building that the pirates have already looted, figuring they won't bother coming back to it. Adam hopes to speak to the villagers and convince them to stand up to their oppressors, but their plans are disrupted by the Tracker, a fearsome beast sent by the pirates to sniff them out. The heroes try to barricade the door, but the Tracker will not be denied...until Adam realizes he could fool its sensitive nose with a sack of spices.

With the Tracker preoccupied, the fugitives flee out into the village. Adam decides that he must give Cringer the task of locating his sword, while he and Teela try to rally the villagers. At first the townspeople are frightened, and believe they are helpless to do anything to stop the pirates, but Adam persuades them that if they work together, they can accomplish more. Soon everyone is hard at work, each doing the one thing they do well to advance their common goal. When Sticky Fingers sends his pirates out to make sure they've taken every last crumb of food, the villagers are ready to spring a series of traps that captures most of the pirates' forces.

Meanwhile, Cringer finally finds the Power Sword in Sticky Fingers's grip, and in a rare act of bravery snatches it away from the villain. Once he returns it to Adam, they change into He-Man and Battle Cat to help finish off the remaining pirates. Finally it comes down to He-Man and Sticky Fingers one-on-one. Although Sticky Fingers is confident his tar can hold He-Man, it proves no match for the Sword of Power. The pirate tries to get away in his ship, but He-Man and Battle Cat snag it with a heavy chain and tow it back in to recover the food.

Later, Man-At-Arms arrives with Orko to take the pirates into custody. The villagers thank He-Man for his help, but he says they were the ones who achieved the victory by working together. Orko wishes he'd been around to help, although when he tries to show what his magic could have done, it backfires in Duncan's direction, as usual.


Prince Adam explains how this episode was about cooperation, and how we should all be willing to help each other out.

Heroic Warriors




Orko's Fun Facts

As featured in BCI's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season Two, Vol. 1 DVD boxset (Disc 4)

  • "This episode we finally meet some Space Pirates after hearing of their existence in 'House of Shokoti' Part 1."
  • "The ship that the Space Pirates use is almost identical to The Keeper's ship in The Heart of A Giant."
  • "Stickyfingers' crew of Space Pirates are not named but are as follows; the bat-like creature that sits on his shoulder is Batty, Leo is the lion man, Hisser is the reptile man, Lavaman is the rock man, and Frogman is the frog man!"
  • "Batty's design is actually Sago from The Sleepers Awaken, though the creature does not look cute in any way."


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