The Ophidian Spire is an location that features in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


This massive green edifice was a large tower with four heads of snakes facing in four different directions and was a construct of the ancient Snakemen of Eternia which resided deep within the Evergreen Forest. Its origins were unknown though its power was connected to that of the Serpent Ring and if channeled through the spire; it allowed that mystical artifact to project its energy across the entire world thus potentially turning all Eternians into Snakemen. This was the plan of the freed King Hiss who first uncovered the location of the Serpent Ring within the Sea of Rakash after deciphering its location from the Tablet of the Elders. Later, he journeyed into the Evergreen Forest where he defeated He-Man and the Masters of the Universe whereupon he intended to transform all Eternians into glorious Snakemen. As he was channeling the spell, He-Man used his might to lift the Ophidian Spire and sent it flying into the sun thus destroying it and ending King Hiss's plan of conquest.

The name Ophidian means snake and could be a possible reference to the comic based Viper Tower.


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