Ordeal in the Darklands is the 26th episode of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, written by Marc Scott Zicree and directed by Gwen Wetzler. When Teela goes to the Darklands to test her skills, she is held captive by the sorcerer Kor, who believes that He-Man has kidnapped his daughter.


When Skeletor leaves Snake Mountain for a few days, Evil-Lyn decides to try to take over Eternia on her own. Tri-Klops, however, warns her that He-Man will stop her, so she devises a plan to turn Korr the Sorcerer, one of the Eternia's most powerful sorcerers, against him. Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace, Orko is controlling a Training Robot that Teela is fighting while blindfolded. When she defeats it, she says that she wants to continue training in the Darklands, but Man-At-Arms overhears her talking and implores her not to go.

In the Darklands, Tri-Klops uses the Basher to capture Kor's daughter Mira and flies back to Snake Mountain, where Evil-Lyn creates illusory images of He-Man and Man-At-Arms capturing Mira with the Wind Raider. Orko fights and defeats a Training Robot on his own, but when he flies off to tell Teela about his accomplishment, he sees her studying a map of the Darklands. She still wants to go in spite of her father's and Orko's disapproval, so Orko decides to follow her and make sure she doesn't run into any danger. She gets captured by Kor's Reptile Men after noticing that Orko has been following her, and Orko's magic doesn't work when he tries to turn one of them into a tree, so he promises to find He-Man and flies away.

The Reptile Men bring Teela to Kor just as Evil-Lyn has finished showing him the images of He-Man and Man-At-Arms capturing Mira. When he hears that Orko flew off to find He-Man, he decides to hold Teela hostage until He-Man arrives.

Orko flies back to the Royal Palace and finds Prince Adam and Man-At-Arms playing a board game. He tells them about Teela's run-in with the Reptile Men, and Adam transforms into He-Man and sets out in the Attak Trak with Man-At-Arms and Orko to rescue her. Along the way, Man-At-Arms tells them that Kor is the Keeper of the Flame and is responsible for watching the prison of the Crimson Scourge, a fiery beast that once threatened to set Eternia ablaze. When they arrive at the spot where Teela was captured, they allow the Reptile Men to capture them and bring them before Kor. He believes that Teela was not involved with Mira's abduction, but refuses to listen to He-Man and Man-At-Arms when they tell him that they don't know anything about it. He-Man and Man-At-Arms surmise that Evil-Lyn has duped Kor and break out of the cage in which he is holding them. They fight their way past his Reptile Men and try to escape from Kor's home, but he uses a magic orb to control He-Man's shadow and teleports him into the Crimson Scourge's prison when He-Man shatters the orb. He-Man is forced to fend off the monster's attacks while tunneling his way through the wall of the prison.

Teela and Orko, who managed to escape Kor's home during the commotion, leave for Snake Mountain to find his daughter. They get past Tri-Klops and break Mira out of her prison cell, then use a grappling hook to swing across a gap and get back to their Sky-Sled as Tri-Klops destroys a bridge with his optic blasts.

Back in the Darklands, Kor is angry that Man-At-Arms still won't tell him where Mira is and prepares to teleport him into the Crimson Scourge's prison. Before he does, Teela and Orko arrive with Mira, and He-Man escapes from the prison with the monster close behind. Kor is ashamed of his stubborn refusal to listen, but He-Man defeats the Crimson Scourge with water from an underground river, which extinguishes its burning body.

Back at Kor's home, Teela apologizes to her father and Orko, and Kor thanks Teela for rescuing Mira. Teela says that they'll both remember to calm down, think things through, and listen to their loved ones in the future, and Orko joyfully shakes a hand from under his hat as both Kor and Man-At-Arms hug their daughters.


Teela and Man-at-Arms tell viewers to resist the impulse to do something their wiser parent says is dangerous.

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