Pangas is a character in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Pangas is the Prime Minister of Tahryn. He greeted Prince Adam, Teela, and Orko when they came to visit the city, but was interrupted by earthquakes caused by Yog stirring from its slumber. He and Celice then told them that according to legend, Yog would destroy Tahryn - and all of Eternia - unless a singer put it to sleep before it fully awoke. When Evil-Lyn and Trap Jaw abducted Celice, Teela saved Pangas from falling in a fissure during the earthquake that followed. As He-Man, Lizard Man, and Orko prepared to travel to the caverns under Tahryn to find and stop Yog, Pangas warned them that there were other dangers in the caverns as well.



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