Paul Kupperberg (born June 14, 1955) is a former editor for DC Comics, and a prolific writer of comic books and newspaper strips.


Kupperberg entered the comics field from comics fandom, as had his brother, writer/artist Alan Kupperberg. Paul (with Paul Levitz) produced the comics fanzine The Comic Reader between 1971–1973, and Etcetera between 1972-1973.


Kupperberg has written an estimated 1,000 comic book stories,[1] primarily at DC, for the Julius Schwartz-edited Superman titles, as well as many others.

Kupperberg's other mini-series include the first comic book adaptation of Masters of the Universe.

MOTU-related bibliography


  • Astronaut Biographies: John Glenn (Rosen Publishing, 2004 — Society of School Librarians International Honor Book, 2004)

Comic books


  1. Paul Kupperberg at the Grand Comics Database

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