Peck is a minor character from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Peck was arrested in the Etherian year 2993 by the Evil Horde because his cart splashed mud on a trooper. Hordak sentensed him to twenty years imprisonment, which, according to him, was a merciful sentence. While impriosoned in the Fright Zone, Peck attempted to dig an escape tunnel, but it just led deeper into the dungeon.

Six years later, Peck escaped his cel after a Horde Trooper guard forget to lock it. But he was unaware that Hordak had ordered the cel left open on purpose, so he could test his new Grabber robots on the poor unsuspecting prisoner. Peck was captured and returned to his cel, where he was joined shortly afterwards by captured Rebel leaders Bow, Glimmer and Adora. Adora, who knew the Fright Zone well, went down into Peck's aborted escape tunnel alone, and got help from She-Ra. After destroying the handcuffs that stopped Glimmer from using he light powers, Glimmer turned herself, Bow and Peck invisible for just long enough to escape.

Finally free, Peck joined the Rebels at their camp in the Whispering Woods, where he was reunited with his son Keeber, who was only 12 when he last saw his father, and had joined the Great Rebellion to settle his score with Hordak. Att first the two did not recognize each other, but when they recounted their stories, they had a happy reunion.



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