The two Phlax Villagers are minor characters from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

Two villagers from Phlax on the planet Etheria where minding their own business, riding a horse pulled wagon when they were stopped by eight foot tall Larg from the planet Argon. Larg's Argonian Spaceship had just been shot down from space by Batmeks and Larg was under the mistaken impression that all Etherians were members of the Evil Horde. He forced them to help him transport his damaged spaceship with their wagon and hide it in a barn.

Afraid of making large Larg angry, the two men obeyed all his orders. The two were ordered to fetch parts to fix up Larg's spaceship. When Rebel leaders Adora and Bow arrived in town, they questioned the two vilagers, who were so afraid of Larg that they didn't want to spend any time slacking off for fear of being punished. But the Rebels, specifically She-Ra soon proved to Larg that not all Etherians were alligned with the Horde. This made Larg feel ashamed about his actions.


Both men are voiced by Lou Scheimer, credited as always as Erik Gunden.


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