Photon Blaster Cannon 1

The blaster cannon from a distance

Photon Blaster Cannon 2

The blaster cannon up close, with Skeletor and Trap Jaw standing next to it

The Photon blaster cannon was an energy-shooting giant cannon with tremendous destructive power, secretly placed in Skeletor's Dark Moon colony on the Dark Moon Phantos, to be used against the Bright Moon. Skeletor planned to use the blaster cannon to initiate a war between the two moons of Eternia. He almost got Phantos' ruler King Barbo to start the war - possibly in retaliation for Skeletor's defeat when Phantos was still ruled by Barbo's sister Queen Elmora in the episode "She-Demon of Phantos" - but was thwarted when He-Man and the Heroic Warriors destroyed the blaster cannon.


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