The Plunder Room is a location inside the Fright Zone from the 1985 animated series She-Ra: Princess of Power and The Secret of the Sword.

She-Ra: Princess of Power

The Plunder Room inside the Fright Zone was so-called because the Evil Horde used it to store and showcase every prized or treasured artifact they had stolen from the Etherian populace. Piles of treasure, carvings, paintings and statues were everywhere. These included, at one time, the The Sword of Protection after it had been taken from He-Man when he was captured by by Force Captain Adora.

One wall of the Plunder Room was completelty occupied by a giant machine who's sole purpose was to charge up the powerful Magna Beam Transporter The ray used the will power of living beings as it's source. In the Plunder Room, Rebel sympathisers were put into a transparent cage where there will power was drained for them to be used by the Magna Beam Transporter. The victims of the plunder room then became willing slaves to do the bidding of Horde Generals.

When He-Man was put into the Plunder Room, his mighty strength was able to charge up the Magna Beam Transporter completly. But it had to be done slowly, or the machine would overload. So He-Man was kept in the draining cabinet all night. He-Man collapsed after his power had been drained, but was revived by the magic of the The Power Sword thanks to the help from She-Ra.


In the episode She-Ra Unchained, the fact that the Plunder Room houses valuable stolen objects as noted in the original shooting script is not very clear on screen since only a few statues are shown, and they are colored to blend into the surroundings. However, the original purpose of the room (to hold treasures) comes into play later as the Sword of Protection and the Sword of Power are both being kept on a pedestal near the energy draining booth that holds He-Man.


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