Plundor is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Plundor the Spoiler was the ruler of Trannis. He built a massive factory there and exploited the planet's natural resources for the sake of earning a profit, driving away and killing off the native animals as he cut down the forests and polluted the rivers with his machines.

When He-Man came to Trannis and met up with Gleedal, Plundor sent his rabbit-like robots to capture them. He showed them the life force of the planet, which he had distilled into a magical liquid of extraordinary value. He threatened to leave He-Man and Gleedal in his dungeon forever when He-Man refused to work with him, but Orko arrived with Ram Man and Cringer to restore He-Man's lost memory and fight off Plundor's robots. Plundor, afraid of losing his magical liquid, loaded it on a rocket, but He-Man leaped aboard as it launched and redirected it into the planet's atmosphere, where it restored Trannis to its formerly clean and pure state when it exploded. Gleedal then forced Plundor to tear down his factory.



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